A pleasant, multi-faceted and expressive voice

Professional speaking & events

A pleasant, multi-faceted and expressive voice

The right voice for your image film, your answering machine or your explainer video.


Professional speaking & events

As a professional speaker, let me be the audible business cards for your company. Whether it’s a corporate video or the text on your mailbox – these are also part of a company’s calling card ensemble.

Let me be your voice and win over your customers (and prospects) vocally for your company, right from the start.


Professional speaking & events

Are you looking for a pleasant, multi-faceted and expressive voice for your image film, your answering machine or your explainer video? Or are you planning a presence or digital event with customers for a product launch, anniversary or your new opening?

Successfully organising an event in person or digitally means exact preparation and good planning. This is especially true if you want to offer your guests an exciting talk, or put on a little interlude with some funny stories from the world of work, or music such as from my Lounge Jazz Project entitled “ResonanzPunkt”. This contribution must fit into the overall event and the theme. That’s because it’s important to inspire, inform and entertain your guests.

Take a look at my current holistic offer and find the lecture topic that interests you. I am also happy to work out a tailor-made event to suit your individual needs and entertain your guests, for example, with live solo singing or with my two guitarists and our project ResonanzPunkt. Or should it be a seasonal interlude by a renowned local performer after all.

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Sound samples

The texts to be heard below are written by myself. This means that all rights are mine without exception. The products in the commercials are fictitious.

Examples of spokesperson activities

The texts and recordings of the following examples are the property of the respective authors. Therefore, these examples of my spokesperson activities are only included as links.


Problematic home

In the EKHN documentary entitled “Problematic Home” (“Problematische Heimat”), topics such as the self-image of home education, fundamental pedagogical assumptions and the image of man are considered and linked to the biography of a institutionalised child. The focus of the reappraisal is on this individual “institutionalised child” by way of an example. It is given a “face”, a “voice” and has its own say. One of these voices is myself.


Virtual exhibition “Home Children” of EKHN

The Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau has also prepared a travelling exhibition entitled “Children in Homes 1945 - 1975” ( “Kinder in Heimen 1945 - 1975”). Thirteen short videos provide insight into the placement of children in institutions in the period between 1945 and 1975. Shockingly, openly honest and clear, this time is illuminated and thus worked through.



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