Sabine Berg

Sabine Berg

Sabine Berg

I have always loved language, speaking, singing and I know what effect we achieve with it. And so it was natural for me to make this passion my daily activity.

On the topics of stage fright and passion.

Who is Sabine Berg, what drives her, what does she do and how can you benefit from it?

There is much more to each of us than we think. With targeted advice, intensive coaching and competent training, your potential can be allowed to fully unfold and your communication skills can blossom.

Sure, there are people who are born for the stage, who are gifted speakers and who feel confident in any conversation. Only the few are bestowed with this from birth. Nevertheless, we all have something special. Something that sets us apart.

It is important to unfold this, to recognise all our facets, to utilise unexploited opportunities and harness our talents.

I support you in performing coherently and authentically and in inspiring your audience.

Let’s discover your potential together and develop your special skills.

Grow beyond yourself.

Who is Sabine Berg?

I have loved language, speaking, wordplay and singing for my life. So it made sense for me to combine voice and speech to help my clients achieve a coherent appearance and presence that delight every audience-pleasing presence. I am also the voice of my customers.

At the age of ten, I stood on stage for the first time as a solo singer and remember trembling knees, moist hands and the first note all too well. Oh man, I had a bad case of stage fright. Today I have that under control. I sing solo and in various bands and have worked as a consultant, coach trainer and facilitator for over 25 years. I support my clients in performing coherently, communicating clearly and inspiring their audience with their presence.

Born in South Hesse in 1967, I have been living in Darmstadt with my husband for more than 25 years.

My educational background as a banker, IT manager, trainer, e-learning tutor and coach, as well as my many years of work as a project manager and branch manager in sales, IT and corporate communications, have allowed me to immerse myself in different areas of language and speech. Various training programmes as a counsellor, speaker, certified coach LINC PERSONALITY PROFILER and corporate mediator have also afforded me deep insight into interpersonal communication and the inner driving forces behind it.

In addition to my consultancy work, I work as a professional studio and production voice-over artist, mediator, author, presenter and have a trained voice. I have given countless lectures, presentations and workshops, facilitated meetings and successfully accompanied many clients down their path towards greater self-realisation and development.

I would be delighted to support you in all your voice, presence and communication projects.


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Workshops & lectures

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Studio work & events

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