Voice has power!
It sets the mood and can deliver a convincing performance that wins over others. Used consciously, it is literally our door opener into new worlds.


What is voice?

Voice is just hot air. Right?

From a scientific point of view, we should be talking about sound waves and differences in air pressure. But our voice is so much more. It sets the mood for us. If only we know how.


Not everyone is a speaker. But we can train the voice.

I will show you how.

The voice is an expression of our whole body!

Voice is sound, rhythm and speech melody, breathing etc. that, put into words, allows us to communicate with others. The words and sounds are always paired with our body language – such as a shrug, eyebrow movement and head position. With this interaction, we betray our feelings, thoughts, inner attitude and convictions.

With that in mind, we speak with the whole body and we also listen with it. We hear sound, pitch, feeling, volume and we feel attitude, atmosphere, resonance or even get goose bumps.

Voice has power. It sets the mood, is used to win over others and is literally our door opener. Or, it meets resistance and the door remains symbolically closed. To be vocally convincing, we should, therefore, be aware of what our sound does to us and to others.



Voice, presence and communication belong together. That is why my concepts for consulting & coaching, workshops & lectures or events always contain all three areas. When all considered together, this is our communication.

Together, we will coach your voice. I will show you techniques so that your statements do not remain just hot air. Arrange a non-binding telephone call right away.

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Consulting & coaching

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Workshops & lectures

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Studio work & events

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As Paul Watzlawick once put it, we cannot not communicate!





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