Be present and make an impact.
Deliver an authentic performance and captivate your audience.

What is presence?

Unleash your personality and your presence makes an impact. Present yourself coherently and authentically to people.


Not everyone is born with these gifts. But we can train them.

I will show you how.

Become aware of your impact on those around you.

We are only trustworthy, credible and convincing for others if we come across as authentic. The impression that arises when our counterpart finds us likeable. Our audience immediately senses when we are pretending. Of course, the first impression also counts, as it determines the further relationship with our counterpart.

We should, therefore, always be aware of our impact. We leave traces, be they both negative and positive, because we communicate with posture, gestures, feeling, body and facial expressions. Always and everywhere.


Voice, presence and communication belong together. That is why my concepts for consulting & coaching, workshops & lectures or events always contain all three areas. When all considered together, this is our communication.

Make an appointment right now and I will advise you so that you can unleash your personality and give a truly convincing performance on all your “stages”.

An overview of my services

Consulting & coaching

Your voice is one of three things that is largely responsible for your success. It possesses power and the ability to create the desired atm...
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Workshops & lectures

Experience more impact through an alert and present appearance. Inspire your audience with an authentic and coherent appearance.  ...
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Studio work & events

We communicate constantly and everywhere. Even without words, i.e., with our whole body. Together, we will develop and strengthen this....
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Quote - Sabine Berg

In view of the fact that we communicate all the time and everywhere – with our posture, our gestures, our feelings, our body and, of course, our facial expressions – we should be aware of our impact.


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