Communication that comes across the way you want it to.

What is communication?

Battling your personal voice pitch is tedious and frustrating. However, it is a lot of fun to cultivate the right way of speaking, to expand the range of language and choice of words, to train conversational skills, to incorporate meaningful pauses in speech, to work on articulation and volume or speech tempo and melody.


Train your communication with me and be nothing but a source of eloquence and clarity in all speaking situations.

I’ll show you how!

Be aware of your communication.

We talk all the time, everywhere. With our whole body. Nevertheless, some messages arrive differently than we would like. We can do better if we know what matters.

If you know your communication troublemakers and how to deal with them, what we intend to say will also get through. That’s because we often weaken our statements unconsciously and thus block our communication significantly.

We are always communicating – on the phone, in a Zoom meeting, talking in pairs or in front of a group.
Our way of speaking is always unconsciously evaluated as a whole by the other person – we all do that: Voice pitch, word choice, tempo, articulation, volume, intonation, speech melody, pauses, posture, facial expressions, gestures.


Voice, presence and communication cannot be separated well. That is why my concepts for consulting & coaching, workshops & lectures or events always contain all three areas. All together, this is our way of communicating.

Contact me right away and we’ll discuss the next steps to change your communication.

An overview of my services

Consulting & coaching

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Workshops & lectures

Experience more impact through an alert and present appearance. Inspire your audience with an authentic and coherent appearance.  ...
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Studio work & events

We communicate constantly and everywhere. Even without words, i.e., with our whole body. Together, we will develop and strengthen this....
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We talk constantly and everywhere – with our whole body.




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