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My service areas at a glance

Consulting & coaching

Your voice is one of three things that is largely responsible for your success. It possesses power and the ability to create the desired atm...
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Workshops & lectures

Experience more impact through an alert and present appearance. Inspire your audience with an authentic and coherent appearance.  ...
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Studio work & events

We communicate constantly and everywhere. Even without words, i.e., with our whole body. Together, we will develop and strengthen this....
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Main focus

Having accrued more than 3 decades of experience in the spotlight, as well as many years of experience as a consultant, trainer, author, speaker, coach and professional studio speaker, I am here to support you on the path to finding the right communication, and to ensure your perfect public appearance.


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+49 (0) 61 51 / 3 07 74 11
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